Hypoid Spiral Gears Selection Guide

For a better understanding of hypoid spiral gears and how to select the right one for the specific task you’re completing, look at our selection guide. We’ve provided you with information and insight below that will not only educate you on what a hypoid spiral gear is but will help you purchase just the right one for your project. This hypoid spiral gear selection guide will truly make all the difference.


What Are Hypoid Spiral Gears?

Hypoid gearboxes are a type of spiral bevel gearbox where the axis doesn’t intersect. This specific gear is between a bevel gear and a worm drive. It’s offset from the gear center and allows for unique configurations to be made, as well as a large diameter shaft. The pitch surface is known as a hyperboloid and the teeth are known as a hypoid gear. Hypoid gears are often used for the output stage because high torques and lower speed are needed.

How They Work

This specific type of gear allows for multiple points of contact, which allows for energy to transfer at any angle. Because of the large diameters, it’s very useful for an abundance of applications. Remember: for energy to be transferred nicely and quietly, the hypoid gears always need lubrication.


The proper gear to use will depend on the job, workload, and environment. If you’re looking for a gear with an offset center, this might just be for you. One example of the most common applications for this specific gear is automotive because it’s used in the rear axle of vehicles and large trucks. This is because vehicle’s and trucks have a center of gravity that is “below center”, which allows for the driveshaft to be lower than the vehicle.

This hypoid spiral gear selection guide hopefully helped you get the information you need about this specific gear. You always want to be well-educated on the types of gears you’re using on your vehicle (and other projects.) Do the proper research and make the most educated decision for your product today by calling us here at Blaz-Man Gear Inc. – Power Transmission Group. We’ll provide you with even more insight and give you the opportunity to purchase just the hypoid spiral bevel gears you need!


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